If you don't, you might get hurt!

Must Keep Writing

A strange post tonight, but a kick up my own buttocks at the same time. I’m not taking part in Nano – never have done. I believe that I have bigger problems than trying to cram in a novel within a month, from planning to completion (especially as the stories I have written all took longer than that). My problem?


Due to personal circumstance, for the past year or so I have not written on a daily basis for my characters and their stories, for the series and stand alones I absolutely cherish. Thoughts and ideas have sprung to mind quite often, but as my writing grew less and less consistent, so did the ideas. It’s crazy. At one time I couldn’t take a walk without coming back to my home trying to remember all the ideas so I could jot them down in my idea book.


So I have made this blog. Not only will I be trying to post at least once a week here about my progress, but I will also be musing on various writing-related activities and wondering if my characters will ever escape the trouble I throw at them.


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