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Concerns of Audience

It’s been a while since I wrote a serious piece for one of the books. I’ve been stepping into writing for the main series slowly (rather than the pieces I do for fun and character development), whilst toying with a new idea that at first I was going to make into a writing roleplaying fantasy forum.

Now though, I find that I have concerns over if there is an audience for the manuscript I am trying to get a literary agent with. Back when I wrote it in 2000-2003, and then when I rewrote it from scratch twice (latest being in 2009), there was an audience. Not that audience mattered when I wrote it, and in some ways, it still doesn’t. In fact, the only reason I worry now is that though I know there is an audience if I hunt for it and do lots of PR, a literary agent has to see the audience too.

Yet with books such as The Hunger Games, Games of Thrones and that Twilight series, I worry that the audience has been missed in the three years where I stopped writing due to continually changing circumstances that were too large to ignore. The manuscript that starts off my main series (which is fantasy crime in genre), isĀ  more of a quest + family feuds + crime and punishment.

Yet, there are similarities at least in the feuding if nothing else. I realise I shouldn’t let such a thing put me off either, but what concerns me if that if I do not believe in the manuscript’s ability to grab the audience by the agents‘ eyes, that it will shine through any new covering letters I write and affect its chances far worse.

Then there is the itch to write it again from scratch, to try and improve it further for the age range/audience it is for. I do not feel confident in my writing some days to allow this to happen again just yet either. Just like any writer I suppose, I have days when my writing is great (in my opinion of course), and other days where it’s not worth the piece of paper I’m writing on/electric bill the time taken on the computer will cost me.

I’m sure this feeling will pass, but probably not before I do rewrite it from scratch again!

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