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Continuing to Write!

It’s been ages since I posted! My apologies for that!

This year has proven to be a little hectic – in April I went self-employed, which comes with various additional tasks you have to do on a daily basis (not to mention a lot of maths), and with that, I also found time to put into my writing and reading.

I’ve been continuing to work on the new version of the first book of my fantasy-crime series, and though it is slow going (I finally decided the talking cat secondary protagonist would stay in with only two small parts to play), I am slowly progressing. I have a new opener that I like for the main female protagonist, and am currently in the process of writing the scene where she meets the main male protagonist in the series and her future husband (and then ex-husband).

I’ve noticed that some days my writing lacks description, seemingly slipping into the newer style of almost no description to help the reader visualise the scene. This trend has appeared not just in my writing, and has appeared because of social media. As it’s not vanishing any time soon, it begs the question: is less description better for my writing?

I think, personally, that it might not be. I enjoy reading my writing better if there is just enough description that it helps to paint the scene around. There’s nothing wrong with the other way, but I now have two new authors I like that have never once described their main protagonist, other than one having a moustache. It’s a bit off-putting for me not to know what the characters of these other writers look like, so I will ensure my writing keeps some description in.

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