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Reinforcing my Writing

The past few years, slowly but surely, an online writing roleplaying forum I created started to take my hobby time. All of it – every day I was keeping an eye on it, and if I was offline it was just as likely my mind was thinking about it. Why? I loved the project, and I still do. It was an original fantasy world I created, with major NPCs (mostly the main antagonists) written for by me. For those unfamiliar with online writing roleplaying, it is a collaborative writing experience, where worlds can be created by individuals or by many, and each player write for their own or adopted characters. My game’s world was created almost completely by me, with minor areas created by others.

When I first created the world, I had no intention of writing books for it. I made the world for the sole purpose of writing-to-roleplay in it’s setting. Meanwhile I was working steadily but comfortably on my fantasy-crime main series (and occasionally dipping into my stand-alones and other series). In the time the writing roleplaying forum ran, I moved several times. Between the moves and my WRPG, and working a full-time job, the habit of writing for my offline characters slowly faded away.

At the beginning of December, I finally closed the WRPG due to external influences affecting it in a negative manner. As a result, this opened up that time that would normally be spent working on it. I’ve promised myself that I will write a minimum of one thousand words every day, which though it was once an easy goal, nowadays it will be harder to reach. I’ll also be using the extra time to improve my drawing techniques.

That isn’t all I’ve decided though. I’ve been thinking a lot the past dozen months about all sorts of things. In 2014 I will be turning 25, and I have always been pretty hard on myself in regards to achievement and goals. My online services such as web hosting saw me decide on fifteen goals for the year just for that, so I thought I would make more than just the one thousand minimum rule – for my love of writing and my characters, I would make a few goals for my writing too.

1)      Write at least 1000 words a day.

2)      Write one and a half books in 2014 (this was my old average).

3)      Look more seriously into self-publishing – ask other self-publishers lots of questions as part of that.

4)      Read the first book in my main series as it is, completely, without listening to the editing trigger finger and then decide what to do with it (and for the moment pausing the editing I started doing – more about this soon).

5)      Work on both the assassin series as well as the main series and the Andreni series – finish planning for at least one book in each series.


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