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Concerns of Audience

It’s been a while since I wrote a serious piece for one of the books. I’ve been stepping into writing for the main series slowly (rather than the pieces I do for fun and character development), whilst toying with a new idea that at first I was going to make into a writing roleplaying fantasy forum.

Now though, I find that I have concerns over if there is an audience for the manuscript I am trying to get a literary agent with. Back when I wrote it in 2000-2003, and then when I rewrote it from scratch twice (latest being in 2009), there was an audience. Not that audience mattered when I wrote it, and in some ways, it still doesn’t. In fact, the only reason I worry now is that though I know there is an audience if I hunt for it and do lots of PR, a literary agent has to see the audience too.

Yet with books such as The Hunger Games, Games of Thrones and that Twilight series, I worry that the audience has been missed in the three years where I stopped writing due to continually changing circumstances that were too large to ignore. The manuscript that starts off my main series (which is fantasy crime in genre), isĀ  more of a quest + family feuds + crime and punishment.

Yet, there are similarities at least in the feuding if nothing else. I realise I shouldn’t let such a thing put me off either, but what concerns me if that if I do not believe in the manuscript’s ability to grab the audience by the agents‘ eyes, that it will shine through any new covering letters I write and affect its chances far worse.

Then there is the itch to write it again from scratch, to try and improve it further for the age range/audience it is for. I do not feel confident in my writing some days to allow this to happen again just yet either. Just like any writer I suppose, I have days when my writing is great (in my opinion of course), and other days where it’s not worth the piece of paper I’m writing on/electric bill the time taken on the computer will cost me.

I’m sure this feeling will pass, but probably not before I do rewrite it from scratch again!


Ah Hello Words!

This weekend has been a success for me as a writer. I’ve not won the attentions of a literary agent or anything like that, but I have started a new submission covering letter and I’m ditching all the how-tos for them. Some helped a great deal, others didn’t. I feel though that it is important to communicate a little about yourself, and when you’re already telling them A, B and C, it’s a bit hard to get D and good old personality in one sheet of A4. When you then consider their and your own address go up at the top, it’s more like half a page of A4 as you then have to keep enough room for your signature. It’s not exactly easy after all!

Back to tonight’s topic at hand though: why this weekend is a success. It’s a pretty simple one really. I had a lovely chat with fellow writers about books they are reading to discover that some of them have read the very books I bought on my last book buying spree (that is, the ones I haven’t read yet). They loved them! So I definitely made a good choice in those books and their enjoyment of these books just makes me want to stop everything and read them!

The other reason is that I’ve done a lot of writing this weekend. Three pieces for fun, two in third person (my preference) and one in first person to shake things up. One was a sci-fi too which was a little different for me, seeing as I tend to stick to other genres! So yes, all in all, this weekend has been another triumph for me, at least with getting back into writing and not letting anyone or anything stop me.

Not Quite to Plan, Bother

Yesterday I was planning on whipping out the old manuscript and going through it with a ballpoint and a highlighter. Didn’t quite turn out as planned as I found found myself distracted online by some of my buddies around the world in Germany, America and Australia. I must learn not to be connected to the internet if a manuscript is crying.

A Surprise in the Night

Last night, something rather wonderful happened – I couldn’t sleep.

Normally this is the most frustrating of all experiences that often come back time and time again, but for some unknown reason last night, my brain went beserk. In a good way of course! Rather than letting me lay there in bed for hour upon hour, snuggled up in my white duvet cover, I climbed out of bed at three in the morning. The big headphones came out of the computer desk draw and were wrapped round my head. The music of the night was some of the latest ‘pop’ songs, the volume high.

The dirty dishes were conquered and then I grabbed every single piece of paper across my flat and sat down in the centre of the living room, a bombsite of paper littered round me. Piles began to take form – paper related to writing, paper related to my roleplaying hobby, paper relating to work (I don’t even know how that got there), on the side commissions taken to keep my twitching fingers busy, random notes from feeding my curious brain from Google searches… Soon it was all neatly filed and tucked away, and the draws of the computer desk were tackled next.

Leaving me, for the first time in about two weeks, a cleanish flat. Of course there is still the hovering to do and a few other bits and pieces (cleaning never does stop, does it fellow ladies?) but for the first time in two weeks I could breathe. In a good way. Don’t worry, I haven’t been suffocating for two weeks! No, merely with the flat reorganised and tidied up, I could once again write.

And write I did!

Normally the amount I wrote would annoy me, remembering times past when twenty pages at one sitting was the standard, but last night was different. Not only did I settle down to write, but I wrote once again by hand, and conjured up two pages. Thanks to my latest reading preferences, it was in first person for a nice change, and this seemed to help. I’ve noticed that books and my own writing, whilst in first person, do not have as much description and stuff going on. I love a good bit of description so long as it doesn’t bog down the story, but in some ways it was like throwing off the shackles. Instead, I could focus on what my character was thinking as she sat opposite her ex-husband and apologised for being an utter ass to him the year of their divorce. I could see how well she can read him, how well she knows him, simply by noticing the glazed eyes from lack of sleep, knowing how to slowly draw him out of a zombie-like sleep deprived state to get him talking about the things he couldn’t talk to anyone else about for fear they would betray him.

It brought a smile to me. The writer, it would appear, is back!

Must Keep Writing

A strange post tonight, but a kick up my own buttocks at the same time. I’m not taking part in Nano – never have done. I believe that I have bigger problems than trying to cram in a novel within a month, from planning to completion (especially as the stories I have written all took longer than that). My problem?


Due to personal circumstance, for the past year or so I have not written on a daily basis for my characters and their stories, for the series and stand alones I absolutely cherish. Thoughts and ideas have sprung to mind quite often, but as my writing grew less and less consistent, so did the ideas. It’s crazy. At one time I couldn’t take a walk without coming back to my home trying to remember all the ideas so I could jot them down in my idea book.


So I have made this blog. Not only will I be trying to post at least once a week here about my progress, but I will also be musing on various writing-related activities and wondering if my characters will ever escape the trouble I throw at them.

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