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Ah Hello Words!

This weekend has been a success for me as a writer. I’ve not won the attentions of a literary agent or anything like that, but I have started a new submission covering letter and I’m ditching all the how-tos for them. Some helped a great deal, others didn’t. I feel though that it is important to communicate a little about yourself, and when you’re already telling them A, B and C, it’s a bit hard to get D and good old personality in one sheet of A4. When you then consider their and your own address go up at the top, it’s more like half a page of A4 as you then have to keep enough room for your signature. It’s not exactly easy after all!

Back to tonight’s topic at hand though: why this weekend is a success. It’s a pretty simple one really. I had a lovely chat with fellow writers about books they are reading to discover that some of them have read the very books I bought on my last book buying spree (that is, the ones I haven’t read yet). They loved them! So I definitely made a good choice in those books and their enjoyment of these books just makes me want to stop everything and read them!

The other reason is that I’ve done a lot of writing this weekend. Three pieces for fun, two in third person (my preference) and one in first person to shake things up. One was a sci-fi too which was a little different for me, seeing as I tend to stick to other genres! So yes, all in all, this weekend has been another triumph for me, at least with getting back into writing and not letting anyone or anything stop me.

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