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Definitely a New Series

Back in 2008 (technically 2007), I created a roleplay forum called Sizael. The world was of my design, the game mechanics also. Last December, I closed it down due to various difficulties I had been battling for 14 months or so in regards to running it. I never intended to write books for it. It was created solely to be used in a gaming format.

It wants to be used though. I started writing today at work (I have honestly nothing to do today) about a character I created near the end of Sizael’s life called Dimitri, a master assassin and a subtle member of the Resistance. It’s helping me to feel the way – will there be books or won’t there be? I think there most definitely will be! My old characters are resurfacing, areas and lore I created are quickly adding depth and a need for action into the piece I’m writing, and I’m having loads of fun!

Some might say, “that’s dangerous – what if old members complain you’re using an idea or place they created?” It’s simple really – I’m only going to use the bits I created. Like for example, Dimitri, the Imperial Palace of Justice, Fraelin and the Fraedab War, Boxien, the Sizael-styled druids, amigari, Caften City and so on. Players’ contributions were that of asking questions to me about something, and/or creating areas within areas I had already fleshed out myself a little. So in that respect, there is nothing for anybody to worry about – I’m only using what I created (in other words, the official lore and my own characters).

Sure, I was even thinking yesterday, “I’d love to bring it back properly, as it was intended,” but it is the end of that phase of Sizael’s life. There is not the desired memberbase within the R.P. community anymore as there once was. Many have become lazy or rulebreakers. Not like a few years before when Sizael had it’s “golden years”.

I just felt like sharing this with you all. It was an old and cherished project of mine, and just because it encountered difficulties in achieving a the sort of memberbase it needed to function at the end, that doesn’t mean my project, this whole world I created, should just crumble into dust. My characters, and even a few new ones are revelling in the chance to be written for again, and I love the world I created.

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