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Hope for the Beginning of the Series

Firstly, I’d love to thank: oneanna65, The Commonzense of Saint James and weaklyshortstories for the likes for my last entry, and to Angela’s World of Writing for following me.

It’s been nearly a month since I found myself concerned for if my main series has the audience it would seek if I were to get it published (mostly the first manuscript). During that time, I have made some edits to the manuscript, but haven’t progressed as far as I would have liked since then due to the regular work hours and the other bits and pieces on the side I do for clients (website and forum design, along with custom artwork).

However, two nights ago, I spoke with a friend over email about my series. I spoke at length about the books as a whole and the two main characters. He believed it sounded good and was positive about it all (though of course there is always the possibility he is just saying that because he is a friend). He was also asking a lot about the characters and the storylines in the series which displayed the possibility that he was genuinely interested.

As I continued to speak with him about them, I brought up my concerns of the audience and then went on to talk about how it comes a lot from my worries about the first book in the series. His argument against my worries was, “Fifty Shades of Grey got published and that’s utter crap that needs spellchecker too.” He also commented that on a writing RPG forum I run, members openly say without prompts that they love my writing and the original world I have given my WRPG.

During that conversation though, though there was a moment when I was worried for the audience of the first four books in the series (including the first), I gained something positive out of it – it has been a while since I spoke to another about my stories other than one person who just didn’t care too much and preferred fanfiction (this the Negative Nancy frenemy I have finally unshackled myself from, but that is another story). As I was able to discuss freely about my writing, with another whom showed interest and discussed it, without saying down-putting comments but rather optimistic hopeful ones, I had this fantastic surge of positivity towards my own writing.

So I now have a more hopeful outlook for my main series despite my concerns, thanks in large part to my friend. Though there is a chance I’ll revisit the manuscripts for the other stories in the series near the beginning, I would have done that anyway! With hard work, I can find my series’ audience when I need to if I manage to get them published (and we all know with that, persistence is key).

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